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Welcome to my Blog site

I have been blogging on and off since 2010. The blog site that I was using discontinued service, so I started a new blog from scratch in 2014. None of my blog history will show up on this site. It’s probably not all bad, hopefully my blogging has progressed and here is where I am starting.

This site will be used to discuss Real Estate. Also the economy, current events, my family, friends and general thoughts and opinions that pop into my mind. The plan is to keep the content light and hopefully entertaining.

Writing for me

has always been both enjoyable and therapeutic, weather it is writing in my journals, or for business or now in my blog, I have found writing be both enjoyable and therapeutic. I hope to write more as time goes on and also hope the my quality as well as my substance continues to improve.

Important Links

This new site allows me to not only post new blogs, but to also have pages on BR Real Estate Group, Phoenix Property Management, gives good information about or property management company with some important links for home owners considering management.One our main areas of expertise is Probate Real Estate, if you, or someone that you know is faced with a probate situation there are a lot of great resources on this page.

My Family and passions, which is working with veterans housing through the Delta Veterans Group and the Veterans Home Ownership Program.

I have also recently began interacting with an awesome non-profit in San Francisco that prepares students (K-12), from under-served populations, to more actively participate in the technological revolution that is transforming our world. Youth SF.

I hope that you enjoy my posts, I look forward to hearing from you.

Chuck Barberini BlogB|R Real Estate Group

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Chuck Barberini BlogB|R Real Estate Group